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Businesses for Sale by Experienced Business Brokers and Intermediaries

Brokers Network Group is composed of independent, co-operative business brokerage firms located throughout the United States and Canada. The goal of our broker members is to help you sell a business, buy a business or locate a business opportunity that meets your specific needs. There are many types of business opportunities that our member brokers are marketing. They will help you find the business that is right for you. 

Most of our members are experienced brokers with many years of business brokerage experience. This leads to a better experience for the first time buyer or seller of a business. Investment groups and those who have sold businesses in the past will appreciate the expertise and professionalism of our member brokers. If you have not felt that the brokers you have been in contact with do not reach the level of professionalism you are seeking, you will be dealing with a business broker that is a cut above the average broker.

There is strength in numbers. This allows our members to work together to offer you more businesses to review and to create multiple buyer opportunities. Whether you are selling a business, buying a business or looking for a business opportunity Brokers Network Group is your first choice for true professional quality business brokerage assistance.

Our members share their buyers through a data base of individuals, merger and acquisition groups, investment groups, and corporations that are seeking to make acquisitions. We have one of the largest data bases of buyers on the Internet. By having this co-operative data base of buyers we are able to match these buyers with businesses for sale both locally and across the nation.  Most of our broker members are willing to co-broker with other members of the network.  This increases buyer opportunities and leads to faster sale of the business for the current owner.

If you are considering buying a new franchise type of business we have a separate Other Opportunities section for franchises in addition to our businesses for sale data base of established businesses.

If you are considering selling a business you can review our data base of buyers. For most businesses you will find qualified buyers for your type of business.

If you are considering buying or selling a business, Brokers Network Group can help you accomplish your goals without having to visit multiple business brokerage firms. Call or email your nearest local member now!