Brokers Network Group

Business Brokers Working Together

Buyer Benefits

Brokers Network Group allows buyers to acquire a business in another city or states with out the loss of time and money as the prospective buyer contacted various local brokers for available listings. Such ordeals are unnecessary today because of our network of professional brokerage offices across the nation. We can show you what is available in the area where you want to purchase a business. We recommend that you contact the nearest member broker and register with him as a buyer. This will allow you to be notified of new offerings before they reach the general public.

As a potential buyer you are now able to review businesses offered across the nation or in your local area with a conveniently located and highly skilled member who can provide any and all information needed to make a reasonable buying decision. Buyer confidentiality is protected until you visit the business. Your financial information will only be given to the business owner when an offer to purchase is submitted.

General Business Brokerage

Many of the buyers we work with are first time buyers. Most are leaving corporate America with a strong desire to own a business in order to control their own destiny and earnings. Our members take the time to educate this type of buyer as to what can realistically be accomplished based on the size of investment the buyer can make. These offices also will assist buyers who desire a Small Business Administration guaranteed loan by placing them in contact with leading lenders in their area.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Investment groups and corporations seeking to grow through the acquisition of other companies have found that one telephone call, fax, or E-mail can provide numerous opportunities all over America. Each member has access to businesses being marketed by other members.