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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I need a business broker?

Most business owners do know how to acurately price their business and understand how terms effect the price.  Confidentality is almost impossible for the business owner trying to sell their own business.  A business broker knows how to structure the transaction for the benefit of the seller and buyer.  In a study it was found that when a broker was involved the business owner neted as much and in many cases more.  A business broker keeps direct negotations to a minimum.  The broker also knows where to advertise your business for sale.  Most of the most popular brokerage web sites do not allow for sale by owner businesses to be advertised on their web sites.

Do I really need a business valuation?

An independant third party valuation makes sure that the business is being priced right and with the right terms.  It can be used to help in price negotations.  A good valuation report shows the  strengths and weaknesses of the business.