Brokers Network Group

Business Brokers Working Together

Sell Your Business

There are many benefits to using a Brokers Network Group participant when selling your business. The days of depending on one local broker have ended thanks to network brokering. You will not have just one local broker working to sell your business. Instead you will have dozens of brokers seeking the right buyer for your business.

The goal of each participating broker is to create competition amongst buyers. When a buyer knows he has competition he is much more likely to make a full price offer to avoid losing the business to another buyer.

Brokers Network Group now allows an individual living anywhere who wants to relocate the ability to work with a broker in his local area to help him locate a business anywhere in the country.

We have participating offices covering every state in the continental United States, plus Alaska and Canada. All members of the group use detailed packaging, so potential buyers can quickly review a business listed by another office. Detailed packaging of a business allows most of a buyer's questions to be answered without even having to ask the broker to obtain additional information.

Over the years, we have found that limited information about a business is one of the major complaints expressed by buyers. We have heard over and over again that our members provide quality professional packaging.

Thanks to our large data base of buyers, one of the first steps in selling your business is to see if we have potential buyer matches in the data base. When matches are found the broker who posted the buyer is contacted. Our participants use multiple Internet web sites, the Wall Street Journal, and other media to market your business.

Should you have additional questions contact our nearest member office.