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Broker Agreement and Terms of Service

I agree to the following Terms of Service for this web site. No "open listings" will be placed on the web site without the written permission of Communicator Communities. Sole and Exclusive listing agreements are preferred; however, Exclusive Agency agreements are acceptable. Broker will only place listings on these web sites that are listed by their company.

No pure real estate listings are allowed in the "Businesses for Sale" data base. They must be listed in the "Business Opportunities" data base. Any business opportunity or real estate listed in the Businesses for Sale data base will be deleted. This exclusion does not include mini-storage units, golf courses, or other businesses that create income from business activities other than rent. Start-ups and other business opportunities must be placed in the start-ups and business opportunities section of the web site. They will not be placed in the Businesses for Sale section. Only established businesses will be listed in this section. Communicator Communities retains the right to reject the posting of any business listing.

Buyers may be posted for referral or co-brokerage. The percentage split is between the brokers involved and is not the responsibility of Communicator Communities.

I agree not to give a potential buyer a business profile from another member broker without first obtaining a signed Confidentiality and Warranty Agreement.

I agree to abide by the “Code of Ethics”.

Participants may use the Brokers Network Group logo in their direct mail or Internet advertising programs if they so desire as long as they are a participant in Brokers Network Group web sites. You may place the logo on your business web site as long as it is linked to one of our sites. You may also state on your business cards "Member - Brokers Network Group".

Brokers agree that other participants may use the “custom listing search forms”  available upon request on their sites. Participants agree to remove these forms if they chose to no longer participle in the Brokers Network Group.

It is not possible for Communicator Communities to know every broker on our web sites on a personal basis. If you have questions about another member, we will be happy to discuss our knowledge and experience with the member in questions.

All buyers who register at the buyer registration link will be forwarded to the nearest participating broker. Broker agrees to contact the buyer and to register the buyer on to the web sites as their buyer.

Communicator Communities will discuss any questions you may have about any aspect of business brokerage. Communicator Communities will not provide legal advice. If you have legal questions, contact an attorney. Your use of our recommendations and suggestions is strictly your decision and you agree to indemnify and hold Communicator Communities, it's officers, employees, and directors harmless. Any form that we might provide you should be reviewed by an attorney in your state for compliance with state law. I will limit conversations and discussions to a reasonable amount of time when seeking advice and assistance.

Violation of any of the terms of this agreement can, at the sole discretion of Communicator Communities, lead to expulsion from the Brokers Network Group website. There will be no refund given if a member is expelled for violation of these terms and conditions.